Amazing Shipping Container Building

Amazing Shipping Container Building
By Scott Wright Google

I stumbled upon an amazing shipping container building complex while I was driving across America a few days ago. My discovery of this shipping container building shopping and entertainment center came as a complete surprise. Color me entirely delighted and enthralled to find such an modern application of shipping containers. Amazing shipping container building is something I am very much interested in using in some of my own future building projects. So, to see this modern shopping area was really unexpected and very exciting.

Amazing Shipping Container Building discovery in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Exploring this amazing shipping container building project I found that there was dinning on top of the shipping containers, a shipping container brewery, a shipping container cafe’ (which by the way had awesome coffee) a shipping container clothing store, shipping container restaurants and even shipping container ice cream shop. Who could ask for anything more? It was just a wonderful find. Not to mention I was already like a kid in a candy shop just looking at the containers and how they were fit together and built out. Completely remarkable.


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20 Foot Container Delivered

This photo above is of the amazing shipping container building that was created for the coffee shop owners. My coffee was fantastic and the two gentlemen who owned the cafe were very informative when I asked them about their amazing shipping container building. One of the most interesting bits of information the owners told me was that it was a difficult project to pull off. Apparently the City Building Code officials had many issues with this modern forward looking construction technique. From the sounds of what they were saying, it was difficult and even internally challenging for the officials to determine what was acceptable and what was not acceptable building practice using shipping containers in a commercial building capacity. I can only imagine the construction delays as officials debated with themselves about the best way this or that should go. However, according to the shop owners after everything was built and inspected and everything looked like a big green light to open shop… On opening day the City came and put red tape around the entire project and would not allow the shop owners to open shop. There was still a feeling of unease even after final inspections were complete. Ultimately, the shops were allowed to open after a  few weeks of continuing delay. Thank goodness because this amazing shipping container building project is very forward thinking and a modern movement that I truly love.

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100 Amazing Shipping Container Building Homes Projects




Amazing Shipping Container Building

I really enjoy traveling and I enjoy finding really interesting homes and buildings. One of the reasons I am able to travel and do whatever I want when I want to is because I have designed a way to do my real estate transactions no matter where I am. My business is 100% mobile and completely run using my phone. Can you imagine buying and selling real estate all over the USA using only your cell phone? Well that is exactly what I do. Transacting where ever I am no matter what I am doing or how much fun I am having is simple. In fact, I located this amazing shipping container building site completely accidentally while I was searching for a good coffee. I certainly found more than I had bargained for on this day.american-shipping-container-building

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Amazing Shipping Container Building Discovery Leads To Success And More.

After I left this place I went on to the mountains, the Nuclear Museum, and even stayed on a ranch for a few days. The entire time I was transacting my real estate contracting and sales. This is exactly why I named my website “My Money Desk“. I wanted to blog about how anyone can identify what they are passionate about and convert that passion into a completely mobile source of income. In reality, my own personal Money Desk is my iPhone. Of course I have some incredible applications that I use to rock my “I buy houses” business. Heck, it even works on “I buy amazing shipping container buildings” too!

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But, what I am saying is that what I am doing today you can be doing for yourself tomorrow. I urge you to start thinking about what you love most and what you would love to be doing instead of some horrible job you are forced to do today. I would be happy to help you to liberate yourself and your family from the chains of working behind a cubicle or some other job you hate.

I am very passionate about enjoying what is left of my own life. You should be too!

Everyday I am out exploring the world and finding very cool things just like this amazing shipping container building site. It is what makes me happy. It is what I enjoy. My passion!


My next blog entry will be about the continuation of my journey across the West. The next stop I made was at the National Museum Of Nuclear Science And History. Just to let you know in advance, IT WAS A FANTASTIC VISIT FOR ME. I had such a great time at this museum and met some really great people while I was there visiting. It brought back so much of my memories from working for NASA, The USAF and President Ronald Reagan. If you are ever in New Mexico make sure you stop at both these places. The amazing shipping container building and the National Museum Of Nuclear Science And History.

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