Best Real Estate Careers Worldwide

Best Real Estate Careers Worldwide
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The absolute best real estate careers worldwide in 2016 appear to start with Keller Williams Realty. Keller Williams has steadily become the number one real estate business in the world. This is not by accident but instead by design. IF you are searching for the best real estate careers worldwide you owe it to yourself to spend a few minutes learning about Keller Williams. KW is globally recognized as a real estate industry leader with a business model second to none. Easily making KW the most sought after company when starting any search for the best real estate careers worldwide.

Best Real Estate Careers Worldwide

best real estate careers worldwide

Some of the primary reasons career minded real estate professionals are joining with Keller Williams Realty when seeking the best real estate careers worldwide:

  • Advanced Education
  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • Modernized Technology Access And Training
  • Cooperative Family Like Culture
  • Wealth Building Opportunities
  • Company Profit Sharing

These are just some of the advanced real estate culture differences that are defining why people are empowered by Keller Williams Realty. This is lovingly referred to as “The KW Difference”

Profit Sharing KW Realty Explained

One of my personal reasons that I feel Keller Williams Realty outshines all other firms in the USA and globally is the KW Profit Sharing Program otherwise known as the “Profit Share Tree”. Today, it is an absolute rarity that any company looks after it’s agents or employees like KW does. When I first looked a the company profit sharing plan I was awe struck. This is obviously something Gary Keller did not have to do or even consider doing. Absolutely one the top reasons I believe KW tops this list of best real estate careers worldwide in 2016. Take a moment and listen to this!

Gary Keller Speaking About The Keller Williams Profit Share Plan


Best Real Estate Careers Worldwide 2016

Start Growing Your Wealth

Who wouldn’t want to be part of a company where you get rewarded financially for sharing the opportunity to work with the best real estate agency in the world? The KW philosophy is that we are actually partners in creating one of the largest business success stories in the world! KW agents are stakeholders in this success and are directly rewarded for bringing new agents along with them to share in this growing international success. By attracting productive new KW associates into the agency market center the company grows more successful and so do the agents. This income is vested for life and is even will-able income after 3 years with KW. This is brilliant by design! A prime example of how the best real estate careers worldwide start with Keller Williams.

What does Wikipedia say about Keller Williams? Read Here

Not only is this a massive move working in favor of the Agents Of KW but there are so many more things out there to assist you in achieving personal success as a real estate professional. Gary Keller has written some of the most fantastic best seller real estate books in history! All of these are accessible at every KW Market Center. This is part of the phenomenal education received by choosing one of the best real estate careers worldwide. I was personally given these books by the Market Center Manager in my City as a gift. I must tell you these are one of the very best gifts I have ever received in my real estate career to date. If you do not yet own these books you really need to read them. They are packed with fantastic information that is easily applied to your own life.

best real estate careers worldwide 2016

Why Is Everybody Talking About Keller Williams Realty In The 4th Quarter Of 2016?

Why is it that everybody is talking about Keller Williams Realty this year in the 4th quarter of 2016? The company and it’s founder Gary Keller have hit incredible new heights. For a company to make it’s largest growth leap starting in the middle of a real estate market crash and continuing on to become the top real estate agency in the world by 2016 is a massive success story in itself. However, what we are hearing about now are the personal success stories of the agents who are setting up their own market centers with the assistance of Keller Williams. In the following “Bigger Pockets” podcast you can listen for yourself about the success even people who never intended to be in real estate are experiencing with KW.

Tip: While you are watching this POD CAST below don’t just tune in to what Jay Papasan is saying about the success of the book “The One Thing” that he co-authored with Gary Keller. You need to tune your ear in to what Jay is saying about his wife. What Jay says about his wife is absolutely earth shattering. Listen very closely. You will hear how his wife had nothing really to do with real estate, then started flipping homes eventually decided to open her own KW Market Center (which KW offers to help all it’s agents accomplish by the way).

Her KW career earned her $36 million dollars this year! Jay says this candidly as he speaks about real estate investing as it relates to his Keller Williams real estate career. Definitely one of the best real estate careers worldwide in his life and her’s.

Becoming A Millionaire Real Estate Investor Using “The One Thing” with Jay Papasan – A “Bigger Pockets” PodCast.

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You may contact me for help getting started as a KW Professional. I would be honored to start you on your personal path of discovery of the very best real estate careers worldwide with Keller Williams. I am a thrilled to assist anyone looking to further themselves in real estate investing as well. There was a slide-over form that showed up 13 seconds into reading this page. If you did not sign in please reload the page and sign in now or click here. This will provide you with instant access to me via email. From there I will help guide you to your new career. Thank you for stopping at my real estate blog MyMoneyDesk today.

2016 Vision Speech By Gary Keller by

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