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Blogging About
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Blogging About your life, trials, success stories, travels and passions can provide you with incredible happiness, personal growth and success. People around the world are starting to realize just how powerfully true this is. People just like you and I are blogging their way to success around the World by embracing this emerging lifestyle of sharing your personal stories on the internet. The levels of wealth and happiness this creates is limitless. Consider making your first step towards changing your life today by blogging about

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Blogging About

Each day I am completely captivated by blogs about all sorts of things I have never even considered. I find myself transfixed and mesmerized by blogs that have emerged from blogging into video blogging that have evolved into entire Television Series. Right now, I am actually watching about 4 different video series on Netflix that have all become global hits about international travel, unheard of jobs, space exploration and emerging technology. Each one of these have grown from simple blogs, to video blogs and become documentary series. Some have grown as large as 4-5 seasons long! Blogging about anything you are passionate about can explode with success if you put your heart into your blogging project. What could you start a blog about?


What I Am Blogging About

I am blogging about real estate flipping. My success with this has been amazing over the years. My blogging methods have not changed very much over the years. I am definitely not a fancy blogger. Actually, I am not really even a great writer. Where some bloggers make excellent income off of advertisements on their blogs I make my profits off of the success my investing brings. The ways my blogging about real estate flipping helps build my own success are incredible. So much opportunity has come my way just by sharing my experience with others on my blogs. Blogging about real estate is something I am passionate about. What are you passionate about? What could you be blogging about? Some Suggestions On How To Start

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Blogging About Real Estate Flipping can be a huge challenge. I am a busy guy. So my greatest challenge with blogging about what I do is making the time to blog. I have prided myself of setting a value on my personal time. Many people have a primary goal of making money. Years ago, I changed my personal goal to making more time. My time is so valuable to me. I want to do what I want to do and when I want to do it. So even making money is about creating more free time for myself. You hear “Time Is Money” well the reverse is also true. “Money Is Time”. So my blogging about… takes time. Personally, I have to force myself to sit down and write my blog. Every single time I write it is a huge personal success for me and the rewards enable me to have even more time to write. Blogging about my real estate investing is truly a blessing.

Have you spent any time thinking about your own blog? What are you going to be blogging about?

I would love to hear your ideas. (comment section below).

Blogging About Travel

One of my favorite video blogs that totally captivated me for going on three years now is called “Destinations”. These two guys got out of college and decided to travel for a year. Their success carried them to year two and now they are filming year three. Their Facebook page, blog and TV series on Netflix are a huge hit.

There are many travel blogs. Blogging about travel is very popular. Another of my favorites is a blog about traveling all over the USA camping in tents. I just love seeing the photos these people post and the stories about their travels. Blogging about tiny houses is also a big favorite of mine as it goes hand in hand with my own passions about real estate. Actually, the entire tiny house movement has impacted my own investing. I am currently renovating a tiny space and converting it into a tiny house. It is very easy for me to get obsessed with designing a tiny house. So for me, blogging about tiny houses is exciting! What type of topics would excite you to be blogging about?
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Getting Ready To Blog About…

So where should you start? Getting ready to blog about anything doesn’t really take much time. Once you have chosen what you are going to be blogging about just open up your notepad and start writing. You don’t even have to buy a domain name yet. Just open a notepad page on your lap top and start getting your ideas out in writing. Make sure you name your file and save it. Once you have a few pages (1000) words per page then it is time to start your actual blog. Personally, I would focus on a unique name for your blog. IF you want to start out with the goal of having a really successful blog here are my suggestions:

Start Blogging About Today

The best thing you can do is to start blogging about anything but start blogging about today. If you have an idea do not delay. Just start writing your ideas down. Expand on what you write. Take some photographs of your topic passions. Use a high resolution digital camera. Good photographs are one of the main keys to blogging success. If you are going to use video on your blogs be sure you chose a good hosting platform.

One Of My Own Videos Blogging About….


YouTube can be monetized. Be sure you research this fact. There are also other video hosting platforms that pay you based on how many videos your videos receive. There are all types of media to be blogging about. Use them! Explore the internet on how to blog about your topic.

These Are Topics I Blog About:

I really enjoy meeting new people and helping them learn. Feel free to sign in and learn about my own blogging, real estate investing and more.

Sign in and send me an email. I would love to hear from you today.

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