Cheap Florida Investment Homes

Cheap Florida investment Homes
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Cheap Florida Investment homes is what every real estate investor seeks for their portfolio. No matter if you are seeking cheap Florida investment homes to renovate, flip or buy and hold it can be such a challenge to simply find them. Often jokingly referred to as “Florida Unobtainium”, cheap Florida houses are actually always out there no matter what the real estate market conditions are. Investors simply need to be properly postured to move with lightning speed to acquire them. Otherwise, your loss is someone else’s gain. So, how do you posture your real estate investing to secure the best cheap Florida investment homes as they are presented?

cheap florida investment homes

Cheap Florida Investment Homes

Why do cheap Florida investment homes seem so difficult to find? Well, the answer to this question is very simple. The best opportunities on cheap Florida investment homes are usually not seen by the average person because the people who buy them up are already on “the buyer’s list” and they are postured to close these properties immediately. These investors, like myself, buy by the numbers. We are not out there touching everything, poking, prodding and over inspecting. Instead, we are looking at the facts. Just the most important facts like:

  • Square Footage
  • Neighborhood comparable price per square footage
  • Apply renovation costs per square foot formula
  • Determine After Repair Value (ARV)

Big Success Tip: When seeking cheap Florida investment homes you can improve your success by refining your criteria down to these four simple items will cut out 70% of the time other investors are wasting.

Just think about this. Consider the time it takes other investors to make contact with a realtor, ask questions they probably will get lame answers to, set up a viewing at the property, poke and prod and investigate the property.

Savvy real estate investors already have the property under contract using an Florida FARBAR AS IS Contract *revision 2016 with a protective inspection period. You may have heard of “risk free, no cost real estate investing”. Basically, this is how it happens.

Why even go look at a property before you have it under contract? Seriously! ~Scott

Don’t you have better things to do?

cheap florida investment properties

What junior investors call “driving for dollars” is complete and utter bullshit. It is something the local real estate clubs teach their members to slow them all down so they will keep paying for lame ass real estate seminars. Heck, it really helps keep these folks from ever becoming competitors though. The truly advanced investors scoop up all the cheap Florida investment homes before those folks even have a chance to get an answer to a phone call they left at some lazy realtor’s old school push button answering machine in the back storage room of their home. Funny huh? Not really! If you don’t learn anything else by reading my blog today LEARN THIS…

Don’t even change out of your pajamas and slippers BEFORE you have an accepted contract or the joke is on you! ~Scott
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How to be “Properly Postured” to secure cheap Florida Investment Homes

Many people ask the question “how can I get properly postured to secure these cheap Florida investment homes as they become available”? There are a few things you can actually do right now that will help you to move to the front of the line much quicker. Remember, you have to be among the first to take action to see any success in this arena. So, stop right now and do a few simple things to change your real estate game.

how to spot undervalued florida mansions

Access Cheap Florida Investment Homes

If you need access to cheap Florida investment homes you are more then welcome to sign up for my free property alerts. This is one easy way to gain access to cheap Florida investment homes. It is free to join. There is no hassles or anything. Every once in a while I give a good tip or share a contract or story about a property I just closed. Best thing is you get immediate access to cheap Florida investment homes without paying a dime.

Sometimes there are partnership opportunities on some of the cheap Florida investment homes and commercial properties as well. I also pay handsome Bird Dog fees to those who actively farm properties for me. That is also an opportunity I cover in the property alerts news letter.  Anyway, feel free to join up. There is no cost, I do not share your contact information with anyone and you just might find your next cheap Florida investment property right there. Easy as can be!

I look forward to hearing from you. I do hope you enjoy exploring my blog pages and do hope you will take some time to gather a few tips from me. I am happy to work with investors who are experienced as well as new investors on the playing field. Sign in and I will send you an email. Write back and I will try to respond to you very quickly. Thanks again for taking time to read my blog.

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