How To Lend

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Learning how to lend can completely change your life forever.  No matter if it is lending a dollar or a million dollars it is all the same concept.  It is all about security in this game and with some great funds - money for investmentdocuments, a good attorney and a solid plan you can be on your way to becoming a private lender in a few hours time.  I have everything you need plus the training and it’s all free! Let me tell you first hand, this is one lucrative venture and it can be even more rewarding if you own an IRA or Roth IRA.

How To Lend Made Easy

Learning how to lend comes with some really exciting new twists on an old routine.  Such as accepting loan payments and instead of making payments.  Actually accepting loan payments can in itself be a really rewarding feeling.  You will need a trusty little loan calculator which you can find at any office supply shop for under $100.00 as well.  The really nice thing about lending is that the attorney does all the intricate and sensitive work for you for a minimal fee.  From the loan application process all the way through the loan documents and as much as you are willing to pay the attorney or personal asset manager to do for you, this can almost be completely hands off if you build the right team.

private loans 2013I personally converted my IRA over to a ROTH IRA.  At one point I had a 401k that was at the local Federal Credit Union that I also converted into an IRA which then to my utter shock I learned how to covert that IRA to self directed IRA which I could lend out of at rates as high as 16%+ against what was my comfort zone for lending.

This is called hard money lending or private money lending.  This is a wonderful
type of lending and a great way to help our economy.

We would love to teach you how to lend as a hard money lender.  Do you have an IRA or other funds that you wish to learn how to use to make 5-9% interest on? Now is the time to learn due to the banking lock down on lending there are millions of excellent borrowers out there who have their hands tied and their investment machines are slowing to a halt.  You would be stepping in the gap and filling a much needed void in today’s market.  Providing a personal stop gap scenario and improving our economy yourself.

We would be very happy to show you how this is accomplished and even offer you some consultation on which direction you may want to head in your lending.  Everything is accomplished through the use of our attorney, trusts and of course steadily performing borrowers for the absolute minimum risk possible.

1. We pay you 5-7% interest on your money
2. All investments are secured by a first mortgage
3. All documents are prepared by an attorney
4. You are named as loss payee #1 on all insurance policies
5. Payments to you are made monthly interest only each month
6. All loans are against property that is 40%-70% Loan To Value! This means the property you are lending on is worth 30% -60% more then the loan you make on it. Thus making your investment very secure.

It simply does not get any safer then this! We make this easy, safe, transparent and secure. Come work with us today. Our goal is to provide you with a 100% comfort level. You will be very satisfied and happy. We truly enjoy teach others how to lend as well. Helping others learn how to lend and improve their own lives is our highest goal.

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Learn How To Safely Earn 7%-15% Interest

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