Investor House Florida

Investor House Florida
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If you are seeking investor houses in Florida I have a few good tips for you that may help you find what you are looking for more quickly. A search for “Investor House Florida” or “Investor Homes Florida” can be a long and tedious process. Not only can it be painfully difficult to find a great investor home but finding one you can really make a good profit on can be extremely tricky.



When searching investor house Florida and other related searches you may type in you will immediately find many people who refer to themselves as “Wholesalers” or “Flippers”. While these people can be valuable connections in most cases you really have to check the numbers they are providing you with. Often, I find “Florida Wholesalers” provide you with very inflated numbers to help themselves sell these undervalued homes they are circulating. While it may be true that the homes are undervalued it is very important that you do not simply TRUST the values they provide you with. These numbers are often inflated. Allow me to share with you a few things to watch out for with wholesalers.

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Florida Investor House Wholesaler Tips:


I often share with people that it is not finding the investor house Florida has to offer that is the key. The smart investor finds the investor house Florida has to offer that truly has an undeniable rate of return (profit margin) after all is said and done. Some common mistakes I have seen less seasoned investors make are as follows:

Investor House Florida Common Mistakes

  • Forgetting to add closing costs into expenses
  • Underestimating the cost of renovations
  • Neglecting to use a trustworthy home inspector
  • Making short cuts on renovations that ultimately cost more
  • Using a Realtor who is not accustomed to working with investors
  • Excellent Information On Flipping For Profits


Attention to detail is everything when renovating homes Florida investor (s) plan to flip. If you are going to invest money into renovating a home you absolutely do not want to see what you see in the photo above. Notice there are at least three different shades of tile and a piece of wood covering the floor of this home. This is an actual photograph of work on a home someone tried to sell to me this weekend as an INVESTOR HOME….  


When buying any Investor House Florida has to offer you really need to be on top of your investing game. IF you DO NOT really know what you are doing you can truly get hurt. There are ways to greatly reduce your risk. One of the best ways to reduce your risk when getting involved in your first Investor House Florida style is to invest with an advanced investor who actually knows what they are doing. When I say this, I am not referring to a self proclaimed guru who is selling seminars or “boot camps”. That is usually a bait and switch tactic designed to actually keep new investors from ever investing by selling them fear. You purchase a “boot camp” or seminar access and the main item on the menu seems to be FEAR. Worry about this, and be afraid of that, and forever be afraid so you feel you need to buy more and more materials they are pitching to you. In my opinion this fear based sales tactic is completely corrupt.

An alternative is to actually invest with an investor who purchases homes using Florida Land Trusts and an actual Florida Attorney as a Trustee for the trust for maximum asset protection. This is the type of real estate investing that I personally prefer. It grants a level of security to each investor involved by securing each partner in the venture with an actual beneficial interest in the property being purchased which is an equivalent percentage to the amount of money the individual is contributing. If you are interested in investing in this way it is much safer! Contact 214-702-2941

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