Just Kiss Biz Review 2018

Just Kiss Biz Review 2018
By Scott Wright Google

My Just Kiss Biz Review 2018 might help you make a quick decision about making some easy money or opting out. So many people are seeking a simple online program to generate some easy money while they are using the internet. It is very easy to fall prey to pranks, gimmicks and fake money making gigs. This is why I am writing a Just Kiss Biz Review 2018 for you.


Let me start by confirming for you a few things right off the bat.


  • Just Kiss Biz has a very strong safety ranking
  • I have been a member of Just Kiss Biz for many years
  • It is absolutely true that there are no hidden fees
  • The owner of this site is very active and responsive
  • Honesty is why I like JUST KISS BIZ
  • This program is incredibly basic
  • You can make this as large or small as you want it to be.

Just Kiss Biz Review 2017 – A few things to know

This program is as basic a program as has ever been created. You need to use your creativity to make this work for you. My real estate flipping business requires me to have a very active direct mailing list. For years my direct emailing list has cost me a small fortune using other email marketing services such as Aweber, Constant Contact and Mail Chimp. My Aweber account costs me over $160.00 a year to keep active.

KEY THING TO REMEMBER – Aweber and other emailing list programs COSTS ME MONEY to use. Fact is, I pay to use them because I set them up years ago and now I am HOOKED or otherwise TRAPPED into having to keep them active to reach my Real Estate Flipping followers. This is NOT the way Just Kiss Biz works at all. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

“People pay me to join my mailing list at Just Kiss Biz.  Do you understand the power of what I am saying here?”



This not only saves me a fortune but it also makes my mailing list valuable. Not only to me but also to my followers. Once they join they can also set up a mailing list of their own and make money. Just like you can do now.

SOME IDEAS – How To Use Just Kiss Biz

You can use your mailing list for any purpose. Do you have a lot of friends and followers? Well, get them to join your list. You can send them all quick updates about programs you have to share, travels you are going on, invite them to your social media pages and maybe even share with them some of your favorite programs that they can also participate in.

Most of all consider this a way to SHARE. Just Kiss Biz pays you for every member you sign up. In addition it gives you a fast easy way to share things with your mailing list instantly. So, you have an opportunity to share more money making programs with your mailing list as often as you wish.

I personally like the simplicity of it all. It is very basic. Has very few moving parts and it is impossible to mess it up. That is a major point I wish to make on my Just Kiss Biz Review 2018. This program is truly SIMPLE and EASY to use.

My Just Kiss Biz Review 2018 would not be complete if I didn’t share with you one of my favorite ideas for using Just Kiss Biz. Its a great way to keep all your friends connected by sending just one email. Can you imagine all of your friends joining your mailing list and every single one of them giving you $7.oo? That is powerful stuff. Especially if you have thousands of friends on your social media.

VERIFY JUST KISS BIZ YOURSELF – You can easily check the legitimacy and safety of the Just Kiss Biz website and program yourself by visiting (Scam Alert – A site for verifying websites) click here: Check Just Kiss Biz

You really owe it to yourself to join Just Kiss Biz. Just Kiss Biz works! You can check it out by clicking here.

If you would like to know more about me, my real estate flipping business and explore with me as I travel around the USA you can join me at http://www.Spot77.com This is my travel and real estate blog. Its great fun!

My Social Media Connections – Click Here

I really love social media. If you are building your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+ and other social media accounts please connect with me and let me know. I will be happy to follow you back. Maybe we can corroborate on some other money making ventures. My favorite is definitely real estate contracting and flipping real estate.


Great friendships are formed when friends have common goals. I find many of my closest friends are friends who make money working with me. We can travel, have fun and just do what we want to do because we are making money. So much less stress then other friendships bring. Making money online raises you up to new levels of personal freedom.

Thank you for joining me today here at MyMoneyDesk.com. I hope you will explore my site and make some valuable connections here with me. Please, let me know if my Just Kiss Review 2017 helped you out. I would love to hear about your own success using the program. Make it work. Hopefully, you will make Just Kiss Biz work even better for you then I have. I want everyone to surpass me with their successes. Most of all, I really just want to see everyone happy and making money!

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