Millionaire Money Lenders

Millionaire Money Lenders
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Millionaire money lenders are critical to your real estate business. You better have access to private lenders if you plan to have a successful real estate wholesaling, renovating or flipping business. Otherwise, you are not going to get very far.

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Millionaire Money Lenders

Even if you have your own money you can only go so far and that distance will be at a far greater personal risk. One of my favorite investment platforms is in the arena of buying condemned Florida houses. I thrive in this type real estate environment. However, when investing in this type of real estate it rapidly becomes obvious that you are not going to be able to walk right into a bank and get a loan for this venture. Fact is, it is nearly impossible! This is a prime example why you must have millionaire private lenders access.

The only way to fund real estate that is in poor condition is by using private money otherwise known as HARD MONEY. Attempting to get funding through an institutional lender will only result in you getting laughed out of their offices. Not a healthy experience.

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Finding Millionaire Money Lenders – Do this first! Before you find properties.

Before you venture out and start to attempt finding undervalued homes it is best to secure some millionaire money lenders. You need to have a rock solid plan and any plan to flip or otherwise renovate undervalued real estate must start with securing private funding. Just imagine how crushed your spirit will be when you figure out how to spot undervalued mansions but then realize you can’t even touch them. Just in case nobody has told you this yet, the wholesale real estate business is firmly built upon speed.

Being the first person able to submit an offer and rapidly close on a fantastic real estate investment is the absolute key to success in this business.

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Millionaire money lenders are out there looking or hoping for good opportunities. Fact is, if the opportunity is rich enough you won’t really have to do much song and dance. The numbers alone will convince them to lend the money to you. Millionaire money lenders are savvy. They are not going to allow you to place their funds in a high risk situation. This is a win win scenario. Like a level of checks and balances to protect all involved in the real estate transaction. Comparable sales are checked, renovation plans and expenses are checked and insurance as well as assurances are put in place to protect the investment from all unforeseen catastrophes. You should look at millionaire money lenders as your partners in an opportunity. Sure, you will be paying a much higher interest rate for the money but what you receive is priceless.

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Why Use Millionaire Money Lenders?

Some properties are way too ugly to get any kind of financing except private money, hard money or having millionaire money lenders in your pocket. This video is an example of one we flipped recently. Think about how YOU would get this property financed.

Millionaire Money Lenders – Financing The Ugly

Partner Buying Condemned Florida HousesThe greatest reason of all to use millionaire money lenders, private lenders and hard money is that it gives you the ability to take down excellent real estate investment opportunities without hesitation. The home I am using in this article is an excellent example. This home is in a highly desirable location called “Dr. Phillips, Florida”. The home has been rented out for over 5 years. My inspector gave it an excellent inspection but the interior needs to be updated. Heck, it has been lived in. Of course it needs to be repainted, modernized in the kitchen and the yard could be much better. The roof of the home looks a bit irregular but it does not leak. In other words this home needs a mild rehab.

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There are examples of over 3 homes in the exact same neighborhood selling for $300,000 – $345,000.00 without a pool. This one has a pool. So here is the issue. (issues equate to profits in real estate). The inspection was done already and the tenants are angry they are being displaced. Hence, the person who buys this home from us must know their shit. They must have experience purchasing homes “by the numbers”. I often by homes without ever seeing the interiors and sometimes without ever seeing the home at all. I buy by the numbers. I know the square footage, the values of other homes just like it and have no fear of renovating based on square footage.


This home must be closed August 16th at a price of only $268,000.000 needing only the basics in renovation to make it worth in the low $300k zone. To sum things up. The buyer must have cash or private millionaire money lenders, hard money, or private funding because they need to move very quickly to secure this opportunity for themselves.


So to sum this all up. Opportunities to make many tens of thousands of dollars will arise quickly. The first person who can step up and provide a contract and funding is the winner. This is almost ALWAYS the case. So get prepared in advance. Find yourself your own millionaire money lenders. Do this now!

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