Nasty Houses

Nasty Houses
By Scott Wright Google

Nasty Houses absolutely thrill me. Not really sure when it all started for me. The first memory I have of finding my first nasty house was when I was 9 years old. My exploration territory range went off the charts one summer day.

nasty houses

Instead of my normal neighborhood trek I expanded my hike into the woods behind the old stone quarry. It was in those woods that I spotted an old abandoned nasty house. For me, it was like finding the candy house in the story book “Hansel and Gretel”. A boyhood wonderland.

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Nasty Houses

The home had no driveway or path to it. To me this was so very odd. How did the people who used to live here get to this nasty house? I do not remember much about the inside of the home. Only that it had a basement which was flooded. This is where the fun was. There were things submerged in the water that if you were very careful you could jump to and navigate the basement while staying dry. Quite possibly, this is the event that has made searching for nasty houses, abandoned houses and condemned houses one of my adult hobbies. Finding nasty houses today is like finding a lost treasure.

nasty house horrors

The Truth About Nasty Houses

The truth about nasty houses is that they are actually worth money. Good money too! Since 2001 I have continued to buy nasty houses as a staple to my real estate investing. There are a few reasons why I continue to buy nasty houses in addition to the nice houses I purchase.

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Why Buy Nasty Houses?

  • Nasty houses are usually very cheap
  • Very little competition for nasty houses
  • Renovation costs are easier to predict
  • Fixing nasty houses improves the community
  • Easier to sell after fully renovated

There are many reasons to seek out and purchase nasty houses. I have uncovered some really unique historical items in these old abandoned homes. This is just kind of a side reward for me. Under the bathroom floor between a layer of laminate, tar and vinyl I once located an entire 1950’s City Newspaper. It was a laid out page by page and perfectly preserved. In fact, it was so interesting that I donated it to the City Museum. I also found 1950’s boxing advertisements inside of the walls of one abandoned nasty house. Probably the strangest thing I ever found was a mason jar full of gold teeth in the attic of one of the first nasty houses I ever renovated. When I took this to the City Historian they seemed to think this was a war item from the Korean War era. Repulsive to think about but still a part of history found in one of the nasty houses I bought.

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Buying Nasty Houses Tips

There are some very important things to know when purchasing nasty houses. I covered some of these in the section of this blog called “Buying Condemned Houses” and there is also some very valid information on my blog page “Redevelopment Opportunities”. You will also find information on “Finding Undervalued Houses”. IF you are really brave you can invest in luxury homes with me. I covered this and shared some fantastic million dollar investment homes in the section of this blog “How To Spot Undervalued Mansions”. So please also read that information. I could set you on a very good path of real estate investing discovery.

Nasty Houses Images

Over the years I have taken probably thousands of photos of nasty houses. Some of the things I have found have been absolutely astonishing. That humanity can actually stoop to such low levels has brought me to both a level of utter disgust and a level of amusement simultaneously. It is horrific and laughable a the same time. Kinda like having your own live episode of a “Jerry Springer Show” unfold in your face. That kind of shocking. Where else can you find a home with every room full of five gallon buckets of human poo left by crackheads? Only in a nasty house!

Yes it is true. I bought a house full of buckets of poop. The home took about 10 five gallon buckets of pure swimming pool chlorine to disinfect. The crew used respirators, full rain gear, chemical sprayers and rubber boots to spray the interior of the home down. The craziest thing was that the soles of the rubber boots actually melted in the chlorine.

Another one of the nasty houses I bought literally had no floor in the bathroom. The toilet was propped up on the toilet pipe under the house which was sitting on cinder blocks. A person actually lived like this for years! They would teeter their way into the bathroom balancing on the floor beams until they reached the toilet. Then they would have to balance themselves perfectly on the toilet so it would not tip over. I actually created a YouTube Video of this one called “The Ring Of Fire”. Because I used the song “Ring Of Fire” by Johnny Cash the video was pulled. It was a fantastic video though. I probably could have done a citation of some kind to allow of the song. I simply could not figure that out.


Well, a very good friend of mine named Diante brought that nasty house forward. The house looked so bad that it was difficult to imagine being able to close on it or even flip this one. However, Diante and I hunkered down and effectively flipped the contract on that little nasty house. Heck, you couldn’t even see the house because it was so buried in vines and tree branches. Diante is someone I met a few years back and I instantly thought this guy had a great spirit of learning and sharing about him. He creates some exceptional light hearted helpful videos on his YouTube Channel. I would like to share one of them with you here. This one is about the topic of modern day networking. It is called: “Business Cards Are Dead”

Please, take a moment to subscribe to Diante’s YouTube Channel.

Business Cards Are Dead – By RealiDeeTv

Thank you for visiting my “NASTY HOUSES” blog post today. Please feel free to communicate with me via the COMMENTS section below or give me a call if you have something you want to sell or partner up on. I very much enjoy exploring new opportunities.

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