Orlando City Photos

Orlando City Photos
By Scott Wright Google

Taking Orlando City Photos is one of my most favorite past times. My Instagram account is packed full of snapshots of Orlando City buildings that I find fascinating. When I am out walking downtown taking Orlando City photos my mind Orlando City Photos Vue Buildingis completely captivated by the Architecture of Orlando highrise buildings. The skyscrapers of Orlando are quite possibly my favorite thing to photograph. I thrills me to my core to stand beside a modern urban condominium that is thirty one stories tall to capture an image looking up the to the sky and add that to ,my collection of Orlando City photos. It is just a marvelous feeling.

Orlando City Photos The Vue BuildingThe Vue Condo Highrise in Orlando, Florida is one of my favorites to photograph. If you get a chance to visit downtown Orlando in the evening the sky adds a beautiful blue backdrop to this building. You can also capture stars, the moon and even passing aircraft in the sky above The Vue. So, while you are visiting taking Orlando City photos be certain this wonderful building is on your photography itinerary. Although they are often rare, condo units do come up for sale in this building from time to time. You can purchase one or be easily be pre-qualified for excellent financing.  Contact The Agent Here

Orlando City Photos – Fantastic Skyscraper Love

orlando city photos solaire building

This Downtown Orlando, Florida building is the SOLAIRE AT THE PLAZA. This Orlando Architectural gem was designed with people in mind. The folks who live in this condominium high rise building live well. The building was developed in such a way as to provide all of the people who live here with fantastic views of the City Of Orlando and the marvelous Lake Eola Park. This location is absolutely one of my favorite spots to take Orlando City Photos. Lake Eola has a small bird sanctuary built right into the park. Elegant swan families call this site home year round. City dwellers walk the wonderful hiking paths for exercise, meditate to the soothing sounds of the beautiful fountain and enjoy family movie nights on the East lawn under the stars. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that people who live in the Solaire Building also enjoy their own movie theater right inside the building!

Swans Swimming At Lake Eola – My Orlando City Photos (my Instagram – Click Video)


Swan Video Lake Eola Downtown Orlando Florida. Happy Monday night to my friends around the world.

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orlando city photos birdsFor anyone who is interested in photographing birds downtown Orlando is bird lovers paradise. They City planners have set up aviary islands one Lake Eola. Healthcare, feeding and nurturing of swans, signets, seagulls, egrets and most other breeds of birds is provided by the City Of Orlando to the great benefit of City dwellers. Not only does this provide a fantastic urban paradise but also provides me with many opportunities to take some fantastic Orlando City Photos.

Orlando also provides miles and miles of wonderful outdoor exercise opportunities. Orlando urban bike trails and Orlando urban walking trails in the are are incredible. Here is a link to a fully printable pdf of Orlando Urban Exercise Trails:

Free Orlando Uran Trail Map for biking, hiking, walking and more

Learn all about the tallest buildings in Orlando here

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Orlando City Photos Taken For You!

orlando city photos Aspire building

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