Recondition Batteries All Types

Recondition Batteries All Types
By Scott Wright Google

How to recondition batteries all types, make and models included. You can recondition all battery types! This is really cool because I personally use my battery tools so much that I am constantly having to buy really expensive batteries. Additionally, this is possibly a Top 10 Emerging Green Businesses For 2018.

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Like my Dewalt Power Tool Batteries. They are incredibly expensive to replace! Naturally, I got really pissed off having to buy them over and over again. Now, I don’t have to and I am going to share this with the world as much as I can. Anybody can recondition batteries! Once you know how it is done it is just like putting on your shoes. Its so simple!


Recondition Batteries All  Types Included

Once I realized I could easily recondition any batteries I own it was like someone handed me the blue prints to a spy plane. I have been feeling like the rocket scientist I once was. Working for NASA, I should have known that there was a simple way to recondition batteries. Heck, I worked around the Mars Rover Project enough to know something about batteries. Why didn’t I consider then that learning how to recondition batteries of all types would be a valuable thing to know? What the heck was I thinking?

NASA Guy Reconditions Any Battery Type – Teach your kids to do this and they can pay for college themselves! Can be very lucrative!


I can show you how I learned to recondition any batteries any type, make or model. I am actually thrilled to be able to share this information with anyone who really wants to know. It does not take anything that special to do either. If you are even mildly handy you will love this. A child could do this!


Flipping Houses -vs- Reconditioning Batteries

In fact, if I didn’t already make such a great living flipping houses I would probably start doing this for everyone in town and really make some money for myself. Knowing how to recondition batteries any type, make or model could make someone rich if they put their minds to setting up a little business. My kid could have paid his own way though college doing this. What a concept!


You can recondition car batteries yourself. This is actually the easiest type of battery to recondition in my opinion. With today’s modern cars phasing over to battery powered cars this could be a massive power market. How many businesses have you seen that say:

We Restore Car Batteries -or- Recycled Tesla Batteries

Pretty soon I’d bet you will start to see these types of businesses cropping up all over the USA. Even all over the world! Can you imagine being the guy who patents “Tesla Battery Reconditioning”? Holey crap! What an opportunity that is just sitting out there waiting to be grabbed up.


Dude Look At My Junk Drawer. Batteries Everywhere! I see $$$$

My kitchen “junk drawer” is packed full of old batteries. My gal won’t allow me to toss them into the garbage. She read somewhere that batteries are bad for the environment when they are tossed into land fills.


Well, guess that just doesn’t need to happen any more in our home. It is so easy to recondition household batteries that there just isn’t any sense to throwing them away. That seems silly as heck now. Why do it? Especially since batteries are over $8.00 a pack now just for AAA Batteries. Recondition batteries all types even AAA Battery types. Just do it man!

This is probably my #1 Great new ways to make money in 2017 suggestion. It is cutting edge and completely untapped in the USA Market. 

If you have been short on money or just looking for a new market to really score big on this is it! My bother-in-law is legally blind and has been unable to find work for years. This is absolutely something he could benefit from and 100% something he could do. Restoring batteries is soon to be a HUGE emerging business. Lets face it, batteries are just getting way too expensive! Can you imagine what is going to happen when all these new Battery Powered Cars start needing batteries? Do you even know how many batteries these cars actually run on? It is insane! What happens when that new car warranty runs out? What is the used car dealership going to want access to when they realize the car is running on old batteries that need to be replaced? Just how do you imagine those dealerships are going to find batteries for those cars and STILL make a profit for themselves.

THEY CAN COME TO YOU! Who else is there to do this for them? Uh, Nobody!


I am a huge DeWalt fan. I love my portable battery operated power tools. Almost every family in the USA has at least one battery operated device they love. Without my DeWalt tools I would be completely lost. Well, this being said, we all reach that point in time when the battery just isn’t doing it’s job anymore. I can see going out and buying a new one but ONLY ONCE… It is like big slap in the face having to buy JUST ONE replacement battery for JUST ONE of my Dewalt power tools.


JUST LOOK AT THE PRICES! I just did a screen shot on my cell phone so you can see this for yourself…

Anyone can tap into this market right now. It is getting near the end of 2017 now. Maybe it is time you started setting up a business plan to completely change your income in 2018.


Now is the time! You can do this for yourself and when you do I want to hear from you. Please please please! Come back here and leave me a comment about how you decided to bust that big move and start making huge money when you learned how to recondition batteries any type imaginable.


You can do it! Just start right now and learn exactly how you can do this.  Good Luck my friend.

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