Redevelopment Opportunities

Redevelopment Opportunities
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Redevelopment Opportunities are everywhere in 2016 and projected far beyond 2017. Are you involved or are you being left on the sidelines? Get up, get connected and get involved!

redevelopmentopportunities As the USA has continued to rebound from it’s long since past real estate market crash the rest of the world is following close behind. In the USA many Cities both large and small have become highly active in demolition of old antiquated real estate assets in efforts to expand redevelopment opportunities. I continue to enjoy the removal of old gas stations, car washes, homes and strip store centers. demolitionredevelopmentfloridaThe demolition and redevelopment of these sites are rapidly evolving into fantastic modern contributing architectural marvels of real estate development. This building evolutionary process thrills me with each passing day.

Central Florida Redevelopment Opportunities

downtownorlandoredevelopmentsitesExpanding Downtown Redevelopment Sites are popping up daily here. I am inundated with marvelous investment opportunities not just in Central Florida but Nationally across the USA. Foreign investors are flooding into this market intent upon capitalizing with in this arena of redevelopment opportunities. I meet with amazing Chinese real estate investors, Brazilian real estate investors, Colombian real estate investors, Canadian real estate investors and Spanish real estate redevelopmentdemolitionFloridainvestors weekly. It’s truly fantastic and even reminiscent of the 1950’s when citizens from all over the world were flooding into the USA to take advantage of the building boom. New mega wealth building empires were created and established empires expanded. Today is  a wonderful time to be alive and investing. I often find myself wishing my grandfather was still standing by my side in this wonderful time of enrichment. He would truly love to see this. We are alive in a very exciting time period.

Demolition And Redevelopment Opportunities

I personally am involved with and attain many opportunities each day on these types of properties. Do you? Are you an investor with a need to expand your own property portfolio. Maybe you are an architect or a developer seeking your next project? I am more than willing to share or help you secure these type redevelopment opportunities and property purchases. I stand ready, willing and able to contract these properties via my own access as well as my own Realtors resources and form partnerships, land trusts and other acquisition methodology to firmly insure success.
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Passive Redevelopment Opportunities

I am also taking advantage of the passive redevelopment opportunities this year. By using my Self Directed IRA, I am able to invest small amounts of tax differed ROTH IRA funds into various real estate projects to maximize my rates of return for retirement. These advanced investing options are available to anyone these days. My son is in his early 20’s and has been using his own Self Directed IRA to save for his own future since he first entered the modern real estate investing arena. So, if this is something you have heard of but never really learned about you truly should get involved and start reaping the benefits of passive redevelopment opportunities in real estate investing. This is especially beneficial to those who work full time jobs and do not have time to manage real estate investment projects. I personally involve myself through the use of Land Trusts which I purchase an interest in using my IRA. This process is very simple, easily attainable, always manageable and take up very little of my time or effort. I profit off the work of the others involved in the actual redevelopment opportunities and projects I invest in.


How To Get Involved In Modern Redevelopment Opportunities

The best way to get involved in modern redevelopment opportunities is to follow or otherwise shadow someone who is already involved. Duplication is the pathway to wealth in many cases. Locate someone who is heavily involved in such things as redevelopment projects, home flipping, income property acquisitions, Self Directed IRA investing who has an excellent knowledge base and mirror them. Of course, you should ask permission!  Don’t stalk them. Simply approach them and share with them what you have to offer in an effort to gain access. Often, you will find that many strong acquisitionists are seeing passive investors to partner up with. In fact, I am finding myself open to such partnerships from time to time myself. This can often be the small boost that a project needs to get the ball rolling as well as the profits rolling in.

Large Scale Redevelopment Opportunities Available August 2016

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